VECTORS Virtual Field Trip Team

  • DC3Girl
  • EJ_SA

A word about our names

Clearly, my mum didn't name me DC3Girl (ok JDK's mum did give him those initials but that isn't the point....).  Our "names" are a form of call sign or screen name. They allow us to engage with a large audience while maintaining anonymity (we want all of the youth we engage with to understand this and follow our lead). For gamers this also acts as their "Brand" giving them a chance to say a bit about themselves while providing a name that often translates better for international audiences than our real names.  In other words we use these names for  safety, marketing and globalism.  

Team Members & Consultants

Our Team & Consultants


Diversity & Inclusion

  • SME Racial Equity & Space Industry

  • Racial Equity evaluation for organizations & programs


  • SME Formal Education, work with minority students

  • Master Trainer OregonASK

  • NASA Afterschool Universe & Leap in to Science Trained

  • 30+ Years Teaching Experience


  • SME  Academia & curriculum development

  • Develop partnerships with CTE/Dual Credit programs both existing & future partners

  • Create curriculum and instructor training for programs 

  • SME Drone

  • Curriculum development and instructor for drone training

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