VECTORS is a virtual and site-based (Opening Fall 2019) program where students can experience Aerospace opportunities through programs like FIRST Robotics, Kerbal Space Academy, Cryptoclub, NASA based programs, and even one that lets you create your own comic book. 

We'll learn about careers and educational opportunities from people with interesting careers that they are passionate about, with jobs like an astronaut, aeronautical engineers, and drone pilots.   

Partnering with Twitch we will take virtual field trips with Das Valdez of Kerbal Space Academy to visit commercial space launches and meet the teams that make them happen.  

Our goal is to engage all Oregon students with a focus on historically underserved youth.  The site-based and virtual approach will provide previously unavailable opportunities in rural communities, reaching a large population of students with the potential to become future Aerospace industry team members.   We will also assist students and families in finding the right educational path and the resources needed for student success.

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