The brilliance of Icelandair's #MyStopover Campaign

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I recently took a trip to England and happened to find a great deal on Icelandair. Since I was travelling through Iceland I intentionally scheduled a long (24 hour) layover so I could see a bit of the island. I'm surprised more people don't take advantage of this opportunity but then again I grew up flying on stand by (my dad was a pilot so we had free travel, but only if the seats weren't being taken by revenue paying customers). Taking advantage of a "lay over" (aka we were bumped from our intended flight) gave us a chance to see some places we otherwise wouldn't intentionally travel to.

All that to say I'm impressed that Icelandair saw the marketing potential of intentional long layovers, and began the #MyStopover campaign. The brilliance isn't just that someone came up with a # and a catchy slogan. The brilliance is that they have made the experience of staying over in the country such a breeze. Clearing customs, retrieving luggage and securing a rental car (or using other transportation options) is all part of a seamless process. The customer service, across the board, is exceptional. They are set up to accommodate tourists, and my only disappointment was 24 hours wasn't nearly enough to see this beautiful place. I'm already planning my next trip and it will be intentionally to Iceland, because turns out you need more than a 24 hour #MyStopover.

So check out the pictures below. I'll post more in the future, along with more blogs about the incredible companies that make up the Aerospace industry, and the possibilities that exist for individuals looking for a high wage, high demand, rewarding career.

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