The Business Case

Increasing Diversity & Inclusion increases organizational sustainability

Industries requiring STEM skilled employees are currently experiencing a shortage of employees, with the need increasing over the next decade, and research indicates that past programs have not increased youth interest, engagement, or readiness for the workplace.

Funding for the project will be provided by companies utilizing support of VECTORS as part of their Social Responsibility programs. We speak to Sustainable Social Responsibility includes business strategies and activities that meet goals for economic growth, environmental regulations, social justice and equity. We take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and incorporate a component focused on impacting the company and their engagement with diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our program is sustainable because we are impacting the environment of the organization and the youth considering future employment in the industry.

Developing equity and access in STEM education opportunities, especially for the substantial rural population in Oregon, will increase the number of future employees for our local companies.  Offering current employee’s opportunity to support such programs is shown to increase their job satisfaction, commitment to the company, and benefit the organization through increases in recruitment success as well as employee retention.

Sustainable Social Responsibility will meet the needs and aspirations of a company today while also protecting the future of the company. Companies with strong social responsbility programs demonstrate higher level of employee satisfaction, and engagement which also impacts recruitment and retention which reduces Human Resources related expenses. When combined with strong Diversity & Inclusion programs to create Sustainable Social Responsibility (SSR) programs,, an organization can realize greater financial impact. A recent McKinsey study shows that ethnically diverse companies are 35% more financially stable, and gender diverse companies are 15% more financially stable.

SSR that increases diversity in Aerospace companies is the passion of our founder, and this part of VECTORS will be her primary responsibility.


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